Winter holidays 2017 in schools of Ukraine

Зимние каникулы 2017 в школах Украины

Winter school holidays 2017

When will the winter vacation in schools of Ukraine in December 2016 – January 2017: schedule.

Winter holidays in schools of Ukraine in the period of 2016-2017 traditionally falls on the New year and Christmas. To relax the students will be more than two weeks – 16 days.

In the 2016-2017 academic year, winter break for students will begin on Saturday, December 24. Will continue to vacation until January 8th. The pupils will return on Monday 9 January 2017.

Additional holidays for first graders can enter from 18 to 26 February 2017.

Note that the dates of the holidays are only recommended by the Ministry of education, and a final decision on the timing of the holidays remains with the teachers ‘ meetings schools.

Additional vacation or postpone the timing of possible reasons:

  • Low temperature – minus 25 degrees Celsius for elementary school; minus 28 degrees – for middle school; minus 30 for schoolchildren of 10-11 grades.
  • Low temperature in the classrooms. When below 18 degrees lessons is prohibited.
  • Quarantine and the threshold is exceeded, the incidence in 25% of the total number of students. Quarantine may be declared separate schools and communities.

Recall new year’s weekend in the Ukraine is set with 31 December 2016 to 2 January 2017, and from 7 to 9 January 2017. Holiday schedule for New year 2017, see here.

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