Wiretapping in the office of the head of GBR: new details

Прослушка в кабинете главы ГБР: новые подробности

In RRG fear that the wire will hurt the investigation

The equipment was discovered by accident during the airing. In RRG fear that the wire will hurt the investigation proceedings.

Apparatus for listening, discovered in the office of the Chairman of the RRG of the Novel Pipe may damage the pre-trial investigation into certain industries. This was reported by press Secretary of the RRG Angelica Ivanova in the TV channel 112 Ukraine.

“Here we are not talking about some fashion risks for the Director of the RRG, as in this study only discussed the working moments”, – she said.

“We are talking about the risks associated with the secret pre-trial investigation, which can be disclosed and damage the final stage of the preliminary investigation of individual productions. Especially given the fact that the jurisdiction of the RRT include officials, law enforcement and judges,” – said the press Secretary of the RRG.

According to Ivanova, the equipment was discovered by accident.

“One of the officers, which had aired the place, when viewed from the outside found in a ventilation system similar to the equipment for listening items, reported it to the police and other workers,” she said.

Press Secretary of the RRG pointed out that “information center” of the listening system was installed in the attic of the building.

“While we can’t speak for what and who she was there built, and under what conditions. It is obvious that the specialists to install the equipment,” – said Ivanov.

Earlier it was reported that the office of the head of the RRT found the wire. The novel Pipe said listening equipment was mounted in a ventilation system. He attributes this to the investigation of resonant Affairs.

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