With Palanok castle in Mukachevo will remove the symbols of the Hungarian media

С замка Паланок в Мукачево уберут венгерскую символику - СМИ

In place of the Hungarian eagle on the Mukachevo castle will host the State emblem of Ukraine

The city authorities want to replace the symbol of the military might of Hungary – eagle turul on the coat of arms of Ukraine.

Mukachevo historical Museum located in the castle Palanok, announced a competition for the development and production of state symbols of Ukraine – the coat of arms of Ukraine. They want to replace Hungarian symbols. A message posted on the page in social network Facebook.

As noted, the arms will be located on the territory of Palanok castle. With appropriate proposals the authors suggest to apply via e-mail to the Museum.

According to the publication Zakarpattya online, it is clear the intention of the authorities of Mukachevo to replace the national symbol of Ukraine, the symbol of the military might of Hungary – eagle, the turul, which rises above the Mukachevo from 12 March 2008.

Indirectly this is evidenced by the fact that information about the competition is complemented by a photo of the pedestal on which now stands the turul.

Earlier, the head of the Society of Hungarian culture of Transcarpathia in Brussels, complained of the oppression of Transcarpathian Hungarians.

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