With regions need to conclude spetssoveschanie MP

С регионами нужно заключить спецсоглашения - нардеп

The redistribution of powers is impossible without special agreements of the Central government with the regions.

Verkhovna Rada Deputy from the faction of the Opposition bloc, former Minister of Ukraine for family, youth and sports Yuriy Pavlenko said that a clear distribution of powers between the centre and each specific regional community must be agreement between them.

“Without a doubt, such an agreement is necessary in order to work out all the details of intergovernmental fiscal relations,” he said.

According to him, this is to ensure that the alignment between the regions, since they differ in the economic potential. In this regard, Pavlenko believes that it is necessary to consider the differences between regions and consolidated in the agreement of Kiev with all areas.

“The duty of the state is defence, international activity and ensuring the minimum needs of every citizen of Ukraine”, – said the Deputy. Everything else, according to Pavlenko, can and should be given in place through the agreement of Central and local authorities. “The agreement is the tool that, in my opinion, will clearly identify how the constitutional and legislative changes to protect and support every community,” concluded the former Minister.

We will remind, earlier about the need to conclude agreements between Kiev and regions generated a number of MPs from different factions.