With special cynicism. Game of death Gandzyuk

С особенным цинизмом. Игра на смерти Гандзюк

Yuriy Lutsenko is going to hand in my resignation

The death of social activist Catherine Gandzyuk without delay has been used by domestic politicians to solve their own immediate problems.

The deputies argue, who is more saddened by the activist officials to shield himself, the attorney General turns a trick with the resignation. About the masterminds of the attack have temporarily forgotten, pushed into the background the problems of the state budget-2019, new tariffs, rescue hostages from the basements ORDO and much more, writes Valery Litvinski in No. 21 of the Journal Reporter.

“I know I look bad now, but at least I treat, I treat the Ukrainian doctors, and I know that I look much better than they look in Ukraine justice. Because today they are not cures no one,” said Catherine Gandzyuk, being in the hospital. Attacks on social activists in the country has indeed assumed alarming proportions, the expense of such attacks over fifty.

Law enforcement officers themselves admit that none of the episode is not installed, the customer of a crime. In fact, even artists have found not always. In the case of Gandzyuk concerned citizens actually forced the police to establish the real attackers.

The reasons

On Gandzyuk was attacked on July 31 near her home in Kherson. It was doused with sulfuric acid, she received burns over 30% of the body surface. To save Gandzyuk, it was moved to Kiev, spent more than 10 operations, but to save and could not. In Kherson Gandzyuk was known as a Patriotic public figure, a volunteer, a fighter against corruption, separatism, violations in the law enforcement system. The last time she worked as an adviser to the mayor of the city and was the acting head of the Affairs of the Executive Committee of the local Council.

Especially battered by Gandzyuk local police. The chief of Department of protection of the economy of the Kherson area it is directly and publicly accused of extortion. Published a list of more than 200 people who have received permission from local police to traumatic or gas gun, ostensibly as reporters, although they were not.

Is it any wonder that Gandzyuk neither she nor her friends did not trust the investigation that led local law enforcement officers. They initially opened a criminal case under article about hooliganism. And only under the pressure of public business retrained on article about the deliberate infliction of grievous bodily harm, and then as attempted murder. After the death of Gandzyuk the incident qualified as a premeditated murder.

And the situation eventually turned out to be two. Due to the distrust of the interior Ministry search of the masterminds of the attack brought in a separate proceeding, which was done by SBU. Now both the production promises to bring together, and make them security.

Now the attack blamed Nikita Grabchuk, Vladimir Vasyanovych, Viktor Gorbunov, Vyacheslav Vishnevsky and Sergei Torbino — they connect with the Ukrainian volunteer army of Dmitry Yarosh and called the veterans of the ATO. As it turned out, Torbin and Vishnevsky for fighting in the Donbass even got the order For courage of the III degree.

Whether they are involved in crime? Four of the five suspects pleaded guilty, including one who bought acid, Gorbunov, and the one who threw it at Gandzyuk, Grabchuk. Supposedly for their actions the attackers received a $500-800 each, although initially promised more. Not an admission of guilt only Torbin, although four other it is called the organizer of attack. Now Torbin and Grabchuk remain in custody, the rest under house arrest.

Here are just customers of the attack on Gandzyuk law enforcement and not able to call. Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko claims that under suspicion 12 people, and the result came close to the answer to this question, but here it is again prevented. Who? Prevented the alleged opposition, activists, journalists — the same criticism of the authorities, and anyone else.

Investigating Gandzyuk really are under severe pressure from the public and media. After the death of Catherine page, Who ordered Kate Gandzyuk? in Facebook created by friends and colleagues of the activist, had published a statement which stated that the customer of attacks known. “Customers live. And we know who it is. Kate also knew who ordered it and, eventually, killed. We know the whole chain of perpetrators, organizers, intermediaries to customers. The interior Ministry and the GPU all also know. You know almost three months and do nothing,” — said in the message.

Names of customers of murder of the activist friends did not, but, according to them, a mediator between the perpetrators and the customer was allegedly Igor Pavlovsky — the assistant Deputy of BPP Nikolay Palamarchuk. And the MP, the activists called “looking at the themes of the interior Ministry in the Kherson region”.

Of course, Pavlovsky and Palamarchuk any connection with the murder of Gandzyuk deny. Palamarchuk even fired Pawlowski as assistant. And the attorney General Lutsenko calls the publication of information about Pavlovsk conscious drain.

Vradiyevka 2.0

The reaction of civil society was quite predictable: 73-governmental organization in a General statement, called on attorney General Lutsenko, Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov to resign. Reacted harshly and without exception, the Western partners of Ukraine demanded as soon as possible to find the perpetrators of the murder Gandzyuk. Even the group of seven countries with a separate statement. Knowledgeable people say that staying in Kyiv the ambassadors of the G7 countries just in shock and killing, and lack of adequate reaction to the incident from the authorities. What could I do in this case?

The attorney General is a creature of the President, the Minister of internal Affairs — the quota of the popular front. Thus, the murder of Gandzyuk has the entire coalition at once. And it will inevitably lead to its consolidation. New Vradiyevka for Poroshenko and Avakov — already dubbed the case Gandzyuk.

To fight back in power decided by two points:

1. The investigation effectively, because the organizer and perpetrators of the crime found.

2. To find a customer, everyone needs to unite around law enforcement officers.

Soloed on behalf of the government, the Prosecutor General Lutsenko directly from the rostrum in the Verkhovna Rada. Even before the death of Gandzyuk he claimed that the activists themselves are to blame for the attack on them, because they create an atmosphere of “total hatred of the government”. But reporting in the Verkhovna Rada on the investigation into Gandzyuk, it is this idea of creatively developed. According to Lutsenko, the opposition and activists are using the death of Gandzyuk only for their own publicity and unfounded criticism of law enforcement, although those actually work in good faith and solve crimes.

“You need to stop all these lies, it is impossible to live in a country in which they accuse those who are at least doing something. Can do better — go to my place, but stop sling mud at the entire law-enforcement system”, — was indignant Lutsenko. And he also stated that he is for power not kept and ready for retirement now applies to the President, and deputies requested a few days to look into this issue.

That’s only really any resignation of the attorney General will not go away, this statement is a prudent step an experienced politician, which, of course, is Lutsenko. Glad his resignation was not released that showed operetta preferential voting the number of votes equal to 38 out of 226 minimum required. Yes, and the President of the resignation of the Prosecutor General for four and a half months before the election is unacceptable in principle. And he is unlikely to be sent to the Parliament the appropriate treatment.

But their political bonuses Yury Vitalyevich received.

First, it reduced the degree of confrontation. Now topic # 1 is a hypothetical resignation of attorney General but not the murder of the activist.

Second, for the Lutsenko and his future career is a strong move — he shows himself as a European politician who is willing to take responsibility for mistakes and failures. The attorney General, in fact, quite frankly shows that he has plans to return to public politics after the presidential election.

Thirdly, this bonus Lutsenko honestly shares with colleagues in the political party, now the government can safely say that the head of the GPU has credibility, and his only concern is work, not a high post from which he was ready to give up.

And the icing on the cake — gambit Lutsenko exactly has the Minister of internal Affairs Avakov, who is still silent. So the unity of unity, and a hot potato BPP was transferred to the allies in the coalition — the popular front.

Although especially feel sorry for the Minister-strongman is not: he did not take the negativity, giving this privilege to Lutsenko, he feels comfortable behind their “talking heads”. In the end, Avakov and to the forefront of public policy is not torn, he’s quite comfortable in the role of a shadow, but a key center of influence.

And what about the opposition? Well, except for charges in all mortal sins, it has achieved only the creation of absolutely senseless of the Temporary investigative Commission (TIC) of the Parliament on investigation of attacks on activists.

Why is it pointless? Because no investigation deputies hold can’t — there is no authority. All they can do is ask for some information from the GPU and the police, but Lutsenko has said that due discharges any materials the Commission in any case not receive. Even the lawyer Gandzyuk asks nothing of the Commission not to provide.

In addition, the findings of FAC have no legal force. In Parliament for a long time say want to talk to the problem — create a temporary investigative Commission. And to be quite clear: the majority of the FAC still have the BPP and people’s front, so in the end, the opposition predictably will claim that the work of the Commission was blocked. And that she was “not smogla”.

The list of contention

Another topic which immediately became part of election campaign, — sanctions of Russia against Ukrainian citizens and Ukrainian companies. To Russia sanctions list included 322 individuals 68 companies. Their assets in Russia will be frozen, but the vast majority of defendants in the list no assets or economic ties with Russia and not close.

Why does he need one? The answer is in the statement of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. He does not hide that counts on the change of power in Ukraine after new elections. “We need to wait till end of the political cycle, and I very much hope that it will be possible with new leadership to build any kind of relationship and what to negotiate. We are ready for it! We want this!” — Putin said in October. Hard to get rid of the idea that Russia sanctions list is designed to help address these issues.

After all, the quality just does not hold water. Made “on the knee” is even a compliment. The official document contains a lot of mistakes. For example, the 119-th number in the list specified Evgeny Karas born in 1964. Obviously, the Russian authorities wanted to include in the list the leader of the far-right group C14 Eugene Carp, but got the artist-gallerist of the same name, but with a different middle name and date of birth.

Many of the defendants in the list are mixed up of the date and place of birth. In addition, he is composed on the basis of outdated information. So, the list includes all constitutional court judges except the two who were appointed to the constitutional court still on September 20. Or the list contains all of the representatives of the faction of the Radical party in Parliament, except one – Alexander Gulak. He became a member recently, is gone to the Central electoral Commission Tatyana Ushkovo. And it just is.

In short, if the logic in this list was exclusively political. And who is most profitable this is the list of Russian sanctions targets, it is easy to see on reaction to it. The most active commentator list — Yulia Tymoshenko. She is. And the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman — no. This is natural, even in the Kremlin recognized that the anti-government leaders to impose sanctions is not accepted. But this situation allows Tymoshenko, having received a pass from Russia, to make loud statements in the spirit: you said that I am a candidate of Moscow, and in fact is Poroshenko, it is not in the list. In the Internet walks even paid advertising with this thesis: “Tymoshenko is under Russian sanctions, Poroshenko — is not, and who is the hand of the Kremlin?”

Of course, this is obvious manipulation. But such a manipulation saves Yulia Tymoshenko, who “in the fields” allow one blunder after another. Bankova is actively using her mistakes to her tightly sew the image of the Pro-Russian candidate, remembering her warm relations with Putin, they are quite friendly negotiations, sadly commemorative of the contracts with Gazprom.

С особенным цинизмом. Игра на смерти Гандзюк

Tymoshenko is already trying to shift hard on the field of patriotism.

Election zeroing

Of course, the game around the Kremlin the sanctions list is just the beginning. Ahead of gray and black propaganda, hybrid attack, interference in elections. What never cease to warn and Ukrainian leaders and their Western partners.

And cutting immediately before the pre-election weeks I will have: Tymoshenko is already trying to shift hard on the field of patriotism. It announces the creation of a “war Cabinet”, which, according to her, will develop a strategy for peace for Ukraine. It promises to revive the Budapest Memorandum, calling it Budapest+. It promises the rejection of the special status for Donbass. It says that it will be able to sue for 100 billion euros compensation from Russia.

In short, pre-election populism is rapidly gaining momentum. But so far as the applicant in the military leaders Tymoshenko against the backdrop of Poroshenko looks dull. And in General, with the army she clearly went wrong — a scandal for the scandal. Batkivshchyna party newspaper printed a photograph of a veteran of Azov, a volunteer who fought in the Donbass, with the inscription — there is no one to serve. All this was done, of course, without the permission of the fighter, aroused his indignation, and a storm of criticism in social networks. In the end the party had to apologize. The regional organization of party without permission used a photo of a volunteer. With similar consequences.

Poroshenko, meanwhile conducts the re-formation of a regional vertical of power. In the resignation sent by the heads of Kyiv, Cherkasy, Luhansk and Chernivtsi regions. Previously dismissed and governors of Donetsk and Chernihiv regions. The logic of the change is obvious — replacement of a more systematic, reliable candidate, who would impose duties on the election campaign. Administrative resources in the election has not been canceled.

For example, in the Kiev region this candidate was odious ex-the militiaman Alexander Tereshchuk. During the Revolution of dignity, he was head of the Department of internal Affairs in Volyn region and sent Berkut on the Maidan. Came under lustration, but Poroshenko has cancelled its special decree. Then Tereshchuk still worked at the head of the interior Ministry of Kiev and the Deputy Governor of the Odessa region. “Tereshchuk is a very good policeman, but is not focused on reform,” — spoke about it the Minister of internal Affairs Avakov.

Well, at the head of the Kiev region he reforms are not necessary, and you just need to solve the tasks. And solved in the region where the majority of the electorate Tymoshenko. Because he is now the Governor.

For the Luhansk region Governor is not found, perform the duties of the head of the military-state administration will be Sergei Fil, parallel to the worker on a voluntary basis by the assistant Deputy Arthur Gerasimov — the head of the PPB faction in the Verkhovna Rada.

Tomos, Tomos again

Not only block the weak and strengthen the strong. During a visit to Turkey Poroshenko not only discussed the establishment of a free trade area with his counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Ankara in the liberation of Ukrainian political prisoners, but also looked at the Fanar. With Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, Poroshenko signed a cooperation agreement.

С особенным цинизмом. Игра на смерти Гандзюк

Meeting Poroshenko and Bartholomew

The Treaty the President immediately called historical, but of its content to disclose did not. Bankova said that the agreement “creates all the conditions for the preparation process to the Cathedral, the process of granting of the Tomos was given in absolutely strict accordance with the canons of the Orthodox Church.” Another result of the visit: Kyiv was the mission of the Ecumenical Patriarchate is actually the Embassy.

And for that, you need a separate agreement? Because of the mystery, which is shrouded in a new contract, rumors about secret provisions in it. Meanwhile, while even the date of unification Cathedral, no talking — until the end of November.

Of course, the establishment of the new Church should become a powerful impetus to the election campaign of the President and to cover the possible negative, existing and potential. What’s next? Poroshenko will try each of the promising sectors to score points, and where the position of losing, use evasive maneuvers. The clock is ticking. Choice of political alternatives scarce, and sometimes illusory. We will not envy.