With tires and barrels. In Volyn protesting miners

С шинами и бочками. На Волыни протестуют горняки

Miners mine ipb protesting the tenth day

Mine workers ipb picket Volynugol state enterprise with the requirement to extinguish debts and to dismiss the Director of the company.

On the tenth day of the protest, the miners of mine number 9 ipb came with tires and barrels to picket the headquarters of state-owned enterprises Volynugol. The Chairman of the Independent trade Union of miners of Ukraine Mikhail Volynets in Facebook on Wednesday, September 12.

“In addition to the repayment of wages, the miners demand to dismiss acting General Director of GP Volynugol Andrew of San Jose, who is a protege of “looking” Andrew Vengrin in the mines Volyn… it is possible that the miners of the mine Buzanska also soon will launch a protest. The debt on a salary is about 50% more for the month of July”, – is spoken in the message.

According to local website bug, the Chairman of the primary organization of the npgu of the mine Vasily Gur told that the stock mine has accumulated 7.5 thousand tons of coal, which would sell and make money. However, the temperature there increases, and there is a danger of spontaneous combustion, which will lead to large losses.

In turn, head of the mine Jurkiw said that the problem with the payment of salaries occurred artificially due to policy GP Volynugol, because the mine extracted coal, the sale of which covers loss of wages and electricity. In addition, the miners complain that the mine is now working without permit for mining development.

The Chairman of the regional state administration Alexey Savchenko said that he was ready to write letters to the Minister of energy and coal industry, the Prime Minister is relatively independent of the shipment of coal mine, given the high corruption component.

He also instructed to prepare an appeal to the Prosecutor and the police about this situation and the Union mine No. 9 ipb advised to prepare a lawsuit on the management of the SE Volynugol.

Earlier it was reported that the miners mines of the ipb and Mountain (Luhansk region) refuse to start work until they pay debts on a salary. But last week, the miners of mine number 9 decided to suspend the protest and resume work.


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