Without a suspect. A year after the murder Sheremet

Без подозреваемых. Год после убийства Шеремета

Journalists for a year found out about the death of his colleagues more than police officers.

Today marks a year since the assassination of a prominent journalist, TV and radio host Pavel Sheremet.

The car, which was Sheremet, was blown up in the center of Kiev. Law enforcement authorities reported about the incredible amount of expertise and investigation, attracted foreign specialists, but to any results of the investigation have not brought.

Corresponent.net recalls the twists and turns in the case of Sheremet.

The official investigation

“It’s our honor to take all measures to promptly, the crime was solved,” – said the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko immediately after the murder Sheremet.

The Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov reported the interrogation, during the investigation, thousands of people studying the 150 terabytes of video surveillance, the processing of hundreds of thousands of compounds in mobile communication, the appointment of 16 comprehensive examinations.

All these actions led to the fact that in the case of Sheremet no suspects. Even with a key version of the motives of this crime militiamen have decided to work.

First, as always, was talking about the “hand of Moscow” is now the preferred version and professional activities Sheremet. While in some high-profile investigations he had not been noticed.

“Is still a few versions. Key – the murder because of the professional activities of a Russian citizen and journalist Pavel Sheremet, who worked in Ukraine, Russia, and even before that in Belarus”, – said the press-Secretary of the Ministry of internal Affairs Artem Shevchenko.

According to him, in the circle of those involved – “not really”, but there is no clear suspect or suspects.

“Who killed Pavel Sheremet – the answer to this question is no, because the crime was not disclosed, the result at the moment has no procedural suspects”, – said Shevchenko.


For video surveillance, announced the result, seen as an explosive under the car Sheremet the night lays a woman. Helps her man. These same two people could be located near the crime scene at the time of the explosion.

Identikit men and women is still there. “If the result is in a complete impasse, it will open these individuals,” said Shevchenko.

According to media reports, the investigation suspects that a man and woman, laying the explosives could serve in the Ukrainian volunteer battalions.

But was at the crime scene and other people.

Shadow of the SBU

Journalists “Classtwo.nfo”in the course of its investigation was able to access the surveillance cameras that are not interested in law enforcement.

This video shows how for several hours while the criminals put explosives under the car of Sheremet near his house were two more cars.

One of them was the employee of SBU Igor Ustimenko. He agreed to meet with reporters and admitted that he really was that day outside the house Sheremeta, but didn’t see anyone, and allegedly moonlighted as a “surveillance of children.”

After the publication of journalistic investigations in the SBU said that Ustimenko retired from service in 2014. The order on its dismissal is not shown.

A consequence of the existence Ustimenko was not even suspected. He was summoned for questioning, but no arrests have followed.

Former Sbushnik on duty near the victim’s house during the bomb – is not it strange? Are there any former Sbushniki? Too much of a coincidence?

On these and other questions are responses from law enforcement there.

“We recognize that certain mistakes (the result) could be, but they are fixed,” – said Shevchenko.