Without a visa, but with difficulty. The order of entry of the Russians

Без виз, но с трудностями. Порядок въезда россиян

Authorities approved a new procedure of entry of foreigners to Ukraine.

Ukraine introduces new rules for entry of foreigners into the country.

From 1 January 2018 at the Ukrainian border every foreigner will collect biometric data.

The authorities do not hide the fact that innovations directed primarily against the Russians.

Thus, the discussion about the introduction of visas for citizens of Russia ended with the adoption of more simple measures.

Where this will lead, understood the Correspondent.net.

Ukrainian idea

The national security Council and defense of Ukraine under the chairmanship of the President of Petro Poroshenko has decided to strengthen control of crossing the state border.

“We are talking about strengthening of control over the entry and exit and stay of citizens of other States on the territory of Ukraine – we are introducing biometric control for all citizens who cross the Ukrainian border”, – quotes Poroshenko a press-service of the Ukrainian President.

The President stressed, we will remove the biometric data, including fingerprints and a digital photograph. “This will greatly enhance the possibilities to combat terrorism,” he added.

Equipment of border crossing points with systems of biometric control will cost the government 300 million UAH.

For Russians special conditions

For citizens of the Russian Federation, who plan to enter Ukraine, the following year introduces a mechanism of pre-registration.

“Creates a corresponding technical infrastructure at all points of crossing the state border, which should start operating no later than early next year. For Russian citizens will be implemented electronic system of pre-registration,” said Secretary of the NSDC Oleksandr Turchynov.

“That is the citizen of the Russian Federation, wishing to arrive on the territory of Ukraine, must register in advance and provide the Ministry of foreign Affairs the necessary data that will determine the foreign Ministry,” – said Turchinov.

According to him also introduced the mandatory registration of citizens of the Russian Federation located on the territory of Ukraine, in place of their temporary stay.

“And also introduces the necessity of presenting information about the movement on the territory of Ukraine”, – he said.

The Europeans will have no problems

The proposed national security Council initiative to enter Ukraine for foreign citizens biometric passports will have no practical consequences for the citizens of the European Union and countries that have biometric passports according to the standards of the International civil aviation organization, said Minister of foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin.

“In the context of a visa-free regime that works for biometric passports, we have to identify problems, not only with the European Union, but also with other countries who have biometric passports according to ICAO standards. Thus, for the EU, this decision effectively would have little practical consequences,” – said the Minister.

According to Klimkin, the decision will be made as soon as the completion of the engineering works associated with the registry of biometric data.

Russia’s Reaction

Biometric border control who enters Ukraine for foreign citizens is “demonstrative rudeness,” said the Vice-speaker of the Russian state Duma Irina Yarovaya.

“Nesvobody, neowiz, nedobrovo characterize new ideas of Kiev, which is not even puzzling,” – said Yarovaya.

“To create artificial barriers in violation of the existing intergovernmental agreement, invented cativity”, – stated the parliamentarian. In her opinion, “the Ukrainian government persistently prevents its citizens in cooperation with the Russians.”

“Defiantly rude, wanting to make our country said mirror restrictions for Ukrainians, achieving thus, prohibitions and restrictions for the citizens of Ukraine”, – said Yarovaya.

The introduction in Ukraine of the pre-registration for the Russians could hurt relations with the Russian Federation, Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Grigory Karasin.

“We are carefully studying the innovations of the Ukrainian authorities and their degree of affinity existing between the two countries the intergovernmental agreements. After that we are going to look at how we should react to it”, – he said.

“We have the impression that these steps can lead in the wrong direction and hit on the human dimension of our relations. That would be unfortunate,” said Karasin.

How will this help?

The same position entry at pre-registration applies between the EU and the USA, so much there is nothing terrible, the main thing that the system was debugged and worked fine, and the application could be submitted via the Internet.

If we talk about the security issue, experts point out that biometric control and pre-registration will only help in countering terrorists and lone mass importation of people from another state.

To resist the cast of spies-professional it fails. Also, we must not forget that Ukraine has no control over a huge section of the Ukrainian-Russian border, through which you can bring anyone and anything.

For whom is the problem?

In the end, some difficulties the new system will create only ordinary people who go to Russia.

According to the Ukrainian foreign Ministry officially Ukrainian-Russian border is crossed every year about one million of Russians.

Ukrainians in Russia – more than two million. Particularly difficult can be biometric verification on the trains. But it will depend on the organization of work of inspectors and the number of devices.

It is also important that in Ukraine, worked the registers, which will be used to verify biometric data. Was created a single database of offenders, and not every Agency has their own.