Without paper and “licking stamps.” In Ukraine there is a digital mail for business

Без бумаги и "облизывания марок". В Украине появилась цифровая почта для бизнеса

Platform unifies and encrypts the legal and accounting documents of the companies, enabling you to instantly transfer them directly into the accounting system, and program partners.

This was announced by the CEO of the developer company Linkos Group Ales Belousov in an interview with “Obozrevatel”.

According to Belousova, platform under the name PTAH is the first in Ukraine a universal system that needs to unite not only users but also creators of services of electronic data interchange (EDI). As explained by the representative of the IT company, in contrast to existing services, electronic document management PTAH was first developed and published in the open access standard for the exchange of legal documents for enterprises of any scale and with any software.

“It’s kind of the first digital postman, who managed to link together people and businesses and many accounting systems of enterprises not previously able to communicate openly,” – said SEO Linkos Group.

Без бумаги и "облизывания марок". В Украине появилась цифровая почта для бизнеса



She also noted that now the BIRDS have joined about 4 million Ukrainian users of popular programs of electronic reporting and electronic document management. Daily through the platform goes up to a million documents. The connection system does not require businesses to replace: integrate can.

“Despite the existence of services, a significant number of Ukrainian enterprises still pay a staff of workers, pipeline mode lick stamps and pack in envelopes thousands of paper acts, invoices and bills to send out to counterparties. Surely in the 21st century, business can automate the workflow and to find a more decent job for a specialist with the payment of 10 000 UAH?”, – stressed in a conversation with journalists Olesya Belousova.

Linkos Group is a domestic developer of IT-based business solutions, which owns more than 85% of the market products and services of electronic reporting and document flow in the country. The owner of the company – Linnik Olesya.