Wladimir Klitschko has again provoked discussions about his return

Владимир Кличко вновь спровоцировал разговоры о своем возвращении

Ukrainian repostnul tweet foreman of the perfect form in 45 years

The former world champion on Boxing in superheavy weight Vladimir Klitschko did repost the message of the legendary George foreman, triggering a new wave of discussions about his return to the ring.

“In 1994 I was 45 years old and then I was in my best condition in my career. I could fight and think, enjoying my training,” wrote Forman, the message is repostnul Klitschko.

Under this message on twitter began discussing the probability of returning Klitschko.

Владимир Кличко вновь спровоцировал разговоры о своем возвращении

In December last year, Eddie Hearn, said that Vladimir Klitschko wants to come back.

The last time Wladimir Klitschko went into the ring in April 2017, when London lost by knockout in the 11th round of Anthony Joshua.

A few days ago, Klitschko has denied reports about his alleged, but in fact, his refutation applies only to information about a possible fight with Diliana white 13 APR.

Later came the information that Klitschko is considering holding three matches.

According to the materials: