Wladimir Klitschko showed his first professional contract

Владимир Кличко показал свой первый профессиональный контракт

Harald Ur and Wladimir Klitschko

In the contract seen financial details and also other details.

Ex-world champion in superheavy weight Ukrainian Vladimir Klitschko gave the Museum the original Klitschko his first professional contract, according Xsport.ua

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The document was drawn up in 1995 between the Ukrainian boxer and the German club Flensburg, which Klitschko spoke to the local Bundesliga from November 1995 to January 1996.

Initially, the document spelled out five points, including specified financial side of the agreement.

Владимир Кличко показал свой первый профессиональный контракт

So, the salary Klitschko to 1000 DM, plus every fight he has gained another thousand. Win had an extra bonus of 500 DM, and a triumph by knockout, five hundred.

Also according to the contract the Klitschko twice to fly to Kiev to lead a healthy lifestyle and to train with the club.

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Later appeared the sixth paragraph, written with a pen, which said that if Vladimir will win all the fights in the Bundesliga season with a knockout, it will receive a reward in the amount of 10,000 DM.

It was reported that the contract with the Ukrainian for the New year-2017 gave it to the first promoter Harald Ur.

According to the materials: