Wolf is convinced that the SBU is able to warn of terrorist and subversive threats

Вовк убежден, что СБУ способна предупреждать террористические и диверсионные угрозы

The SBU is able to stop the terrorist and sabotage threats at the stage of cooking and have learned to cope with attacks. This was stated by the former head of the main Directorate of the SBU (2014-2015) Vasily Vovk in the broadcast television channel “112 Ukraine”.

In response to the question of whether the intelligence agencies to prevent cyber attacks, he said, “Regarding a possible cyber-attacks and terrorist attacks on important facilities of life ensuring of the country, such a threat has existed since February 2014. SBU has learned to cope with it. But the threat is relevant, unfortunately, today.”

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But in readiness of the security Services to deal with terrorist and subversive threats to the former head of the main Directorate of the SBU entirely sure.

“Given the difficult economic situation in the state, large-scale embezzlement in the infrastructure, in parallel there are threats of man-made disasters. I would not want to be replaced by sabotage and terrorist acts. But I can responsibly say that in respect of terrorist and sabotage threats the SBU is ready to fight back and stop them at the stage of preparation,” said Wael Wolf.

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We will remind that the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that during the two months were about 6,5 thousand cyber attacks on the websites of departments and rosinformresursa.