Women are stupider than men – scientists

Женщины глупее мужчин - ученые

Scientists have found that men are smarter than women

Experts have proven that men are more prone to solving complex problems, and emotionality of women prevents to make the right decisions.

Scientists at Cambridge University found that the male brain is much better cope with complex tasks than women. It is reported pnas.org.

Neuroscientists and neuroscientists conducted a study of male and female brain. In examining the data, nearly 700 thousand people it turned out that men are more prone to systematize and organize the processes that allows m to better handle multidimensional tasks and discover the details.

Women are prone to emotional assessment, which in 75% of cases make wrong decisions. Studies have shown that daily stress and emotional “meltdown” preventing female brain to function productively.

Men basically “stingy” to the emotions that allows them to achieve success in financial and IT fields as well as in management of large structures. Women also succeed in the Humanities and creative fields.

Neuroscientists explain these figures to the fact that the male brain has many “barriers” to stress and stimuli. It helps them to concentrate and not waste energy on emotional reactions.

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