Women more than men suffer from the use of smartphones – the scientists

Женщины больше мужчин страдают от использования смартфонов – ученые

Smartphones threat to women’s health

Women may face greater risk of neck pain in connection with what position they take using smartphones.

Women experience more severe pain in the neck when using a smartphone than men, according to Daily Mail, citing research scientists.

The fact position, which receives the neck when viewing the screen of the gadget. In men, the neck is usually longer and they bent it to the head, while women, on the contrary, close to the chest.

Following this study, the researchers intend to find out whether the way in which women bend the neck, using electronic devices, with pain in the neck and jaw.

Thus experts suggest as little as possible to spend time, looking down at a smartphone or tablet.

Named unexpected harm from smartphones

Earlier, scientists have found a new danger of smartphones for health.

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