Women’s team of Ukraine 3×3 – bronze medalist of the European championship

Женская сборная Украины 3×3 - бронзовый призер чемпионата Европы

Beautiful Ukrainian women snatched bronze from the hands of the Italians.

Women’s team of Ukraine 3×3 (Kristina Filevich, Anna olkhovyk, Eugene Spitkovsky and Elena Ogorodnikova) won bronze medals of the European championship in Bucharest.

In the group of Ukrainian women outplayed Switzerland (21:11) and lost to Spain (15:17), with second place going to the playoffs. There our girls beat Romania (20:18), and in the semifinals lost to France (14:17).

In the bronze final Ukrainka lost 8:14, but managed to turn the game around and sent the game into overtime (15:15).

According to the rules of overtime, the winner is the one who first scores two points. The first attack was for Italians and they have implemented – RAE Lin D Ali scored from under the basket. But then said his word olkhovyk Anna. Her beautiful long distance shot brought Ukraine the victory and the bronze medal.

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