Words Lutsenko doubled the commitment of the U.S. to help Kiev

Слова Луценко удвоили решимость США помогать Киеву

Such accusations at hand “only corrupt politicians”, according to the state Department.

State Department again denies the statements of the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko that the US Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch gave him a list of “untouchables,” and note that such attack “double determination” of Washington to help Ukraine in the fight against corruption. This is stated in the answer of the representative of the state Department at the request of the Ukrainian truth.

“Ambassador Yovanovitch is the President of the United States in Ukraine, and the United States Ambassador and supports her statements. Approval of the General Prosecutor of Ukraine are not true and are intended to tarnish the reputation of Ambassador Yovanovitch,” – said in response.

The state Department added that such accusations on hand “only the corrupt figures.”

“Ukraine, as the United States, a free country with a free press. Politicians, experts and the media have the right to share their opinions, which is part of the political process. This does not mean that the statement is true”, – is spoken in the answer of the representative of US state Department.

At the same time, it is noted that such attacks are “double determination” of the United States to help Ukraine in the fight against corruption.

“We always talked about the need to implement reforms that meet the demands of the Ukrainian people, set during the revolution of Dignity. The long-term success and sustainability of Ukraine depends on her devotion to the course of reforms, in particular the fight against corruption. To succeed, Ukraine needs a dedicated officials and a strong anti-corruption institutions”, – said in response.

It is also noted that the United States is “committed to working with our partners in Ukraine.”

“In the absence of political will on the part of Ukraine, for example, from the General Prosecutor’s office, we are fulfilling our obligations to the American taxpayers, and move the aid to where they can lead to positive changes”, – said in response.

Earlier it became known about the statement of Lutsenko, when you first meet with Jovanovic, she allegedly handed him the list of persons against which it is impossible to conduct an investigation. In addition, Lutsenko complained that his Agency has received four million dollars, which the US had to identify as support.


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