Work at Tesco in the Czech Republic is desirable and possible

Работа на Tesco в Чехии - желанна и возможна

Supermarket chain Tesco is constantly expanding and welcomes new employees to the Czech Republic. The interest in this work in Ukraine reveal a desire to work abroad.

To elaborate on the job prospects in Tesco, we met with Tatiana Baricco, which is the Manager for the selection of employees in Tesco from a reputable company for employment abroad “Europa Workintense”.

The work is simple, but not walk

– Tatiana, “Europa Workintense” engaged in the recruitment of staff. Can you recommend a job in Tesco for those who intend to come to Ukraine and find a job here?

– This job will suit not only the potential “newcomers” – it is successfully working for dozens of Ukrainians. Work is done in the warehouses of the company, where sorting order of supermarkets Tesco. Vegetables and fruits, milk products should all be sorted by species, varieties, depending on the order is received from a particular store.

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– So this work, then, is not so difficult …

– Yes, but there are some features. It does not work for the pipeline, where sitting all the time we have to tune in to the constant movement, to be able to quickly find what you require. Guards or no, we must ourselves take the initiative to quickly fill the container and complete the order. The worker is interested to get them as much as possible, since this depends on earnings. You should also be prepared for cool temperatures in the rooms, because it’s a grocery warehouse and the temperature must be appropriate.

– Questions that are impossible to ignore: what are the conditions provided to employees? How much you can earn and what is the duration of the working day?

– The employer provides free accommodation in the hostel: rooms for three or four, and couples separate. The hostel has a fully equipped kitchen where you can prepare dinner or Breakfast. In addition, free transport for journeys to work, the road to which takes about 10-15 minutes. In the workplace, all free of charge working clothes and shoes. Every 2 hours have the opportunity to take a 10 minute break, drink some tea and coffee. This can be done in a cafe on the second floor, also without pay. A complete meal costs 65 CZK.

When working in the mode of average activity, ZAR.fee will reach about 22 thousand CZK per month (over $ 1000). If you work with heavy load, that much more.

With great advantages – “plus”

– Which way is the person who executed the job?

– At first I or my colleagues advise the applicant, and then we start preparing all documents for work visa. As soon as the employment contract and Czech working visa is ready, a new employee arrives in Prague, where we meet him, arranged in a dormitory and go together to the place of work. First day is introductory, and the next starts work.

– What time is issued a residence permit in the Czech Republic?

– If the employee worked well and did not violate Czech law, the work permit can be obtain in two years. To start, of course, possible short term. But if the employee is set to work and intended to remain in this country, it is certainly going to succeed.

Работа на Tesco в Чехии - желанна и возможна



To learn more about employment in the Czech Republic and other European countries, as well as to begin the process of registration of documents is possible by calling any of the offices of the company “Europa Workintense”:

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