Workers of the mine in the Donetsk region stopped the hunger strike

Работницы шахты в Донецкой области прекратили голодовку

The protest of the employees of the mine in the Donbass

Workers mine stopped the hunger strike on the tenth day they paid part of the salary.

In the Donetsk region, to protest on GP SelidovUgol paused, the hunger strike of workers of the enterprise is discontinued. On Friday, January 11, announced on the social network Facebook, the representative of the Commissioner for human rights in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions Paul Lisyansky.

According to him, at the working meeting the participants of the protest GP SelidovUgol decided to suspend the protest and to stop the hunger strike due to the fact that on 11 January in two tranches repaid in September and 50% in October, that is, “they have allocated 1.5 months of payroll to employees of non-industrial group and the engineering staff of the enterprise”.

Lisyansky also reported that the Chairman of Donetsk regional state administration Oleksandr KUCI promised that next week the debt will be paid in the amount of 27 million UAH, which is 35% of the monthly wage Fund of the enterprise GP SelidovUgol.

“It remains a debt on a salary to workers of GP SelidovUgol 50% for October, November and December,” – says a representative of the Ombudsman.

Recall that the protests of workers of the mine began on 2 January.

OSCE representatives visited the hunger strike of the employees of the mine in the Donbass


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