Workers will be deprived of the subsidy due to non-payment of taxes in Ukraine

Заробитчан будут лишать субсидии из-за неуплаты налогов в Украине

In Poland, left about two million Ukrainian workers

The right to a subsidy is reserved for those who went abroad for study, treatment or tourism purposes.

The families of Ukrainian citizens who are abroad for more than two months, but do not pay a single social contribution (ERU), can remain without subsidies. About it reports RBC-Ukraine with reference to the explanation of the Ministry of social policy Thursday, October 4.

“If people live longer than 60 days abroad and not pay a single social payment, does not pay the tax to incomes of physical persons in Ukraine, then such a family may be denied a subsidy,” said Minister of social policy Andrei Reva.

The Minister explained this by the fact that such people tend to live and work abroad. “It is logical to assume that they provide some financial assistance to other members of the household,” said Reva.

However, the right to subsidies is reserved for those who are abroad with the purpose of training, treatment or as a tourist.

“If the citizens went abroad for treatment, for training, a stay abroad in no way affects the appointment of subsidies”, – the Minister added.

Also Reva said on Radio NV that Poland left the largest number of Ukrainian workers – about two million, of which only one million are officially employed.

According to him, only 300 thousand Ukrainians pay taxes to the pension system of the neighboring state. The rest do not pay premiums and they are not talking of insurance experience. So after returning to Ukraine, they will have difficulties with pension provision.

Reva said that Ukraine has agreements on labour migration with 21 countries, which defines the mechanism of social protection of Ukrainian citizens. However, despite two million migrant workers in Poland, the relevant ministries of Ukraine and Poland still has not signed the relevant agreement.

Social policy Minister expressed hope that the agreement could be signed before the end of 2018. This will eliminate cases when working Ukrainian are not insured neither in Poland nor in Ukraine.

On the eve it became known that remittances from abroad which exceeds 50 thousand UAH will be taken into account when calculating the subsidy. In Minsotspolitiki noted that the transfer will be treated by the bodies of social protection of the population as income.

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