World games: the Ukrainian won gold in competitions in JIU-jitsu

Всемирные игры: украинец выиграл золото в соревнованиях по джиу-джитсу

Bogdan Mochulsky – champion of the World games 2017

The eighth day of the World games brought Ukraine one medal but it was gold.

The next, already the eighth competition day of the World games in Wroclaw, for the Ukrainian team was fully dedicated to martial arts is an aggressive and traumatic Thai Boxing sports school Muay Thai and the “art of softness” of JIU-jitsu.

In JIU-jitsu on this day, Ukrainians were only 20-year-old Bogdan Mochulsky, who eventually became the winner in the weight category up to 62 kg.

In the group stage Mochulsky defeated the Belgian Coates Markov and Bulgarian and reached the semi-final Games. There are 20-year-old lucanin was stronger than the world champion, award-winning German Novel Apollonova, and in the final, Bogdan Mochulsky in a bitter struggle defeated the Colombian Alejandro Ortiz with 9:8.

Besides Bohdan of the Ukrainian Ju-jitsu is another fighter champion of the World games-2013 Ivan Nastenko, who will be speaking today in the weight category up to 85 kg.

In competitions on sports school Muay Thai took place in the quarter-finals. Ukraine was represented by six athletes Victoria iwaniec, Konstantin Trishin, Igor Liubchenko Sergey Kulyab, Oleg Primachev and Stanislav Perzanowski. At the end of the quarter all the men were in the semi-final, but Victoria iwaniec was defeated by the opponent from Finland. The semifinals will be held today.

In the overall standings the team of Ukraine with gold Mochulsky has risen to seventh place. The competition will end on July 30.

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