Wrote media of the Netherlands on the Annex to the Agreement on Association of Ukraine with EU

Что написали СМИ Нидерландов о приложении к Соглашению об ассоциации Украины с ЕС

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Among all the talk about the Dutch Annex to the Agreement with the EU is not sound, I think the most important point: what was the reaction of the Dutch media on the text of the Annex proposed by the Dutch Prime Minister? After all these months of waiting, the complex textual constructs, flour, negotiations were in order to convince the Dutch of the voter in the security deal with the Ukraine. And how voters will take this information as is not of native media!

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After analyzing the first reaction of the Dutch Newspapers, we can draw several conclusions.

First, the issue of ratification of the Ukrainian agreement has attracted nationwide attention. They wrote all the leading Newspapers, and not just written. Five of the six editions (except Volkskrant) took up the subject of the title strip.

Secondly, it can be argued that the first reaction of the media primarily meets expectations Rutte: most of the materials quoted provisions of the document and describe how difficult it was to premiere the battle for acceptance of your application. Even euroskeptic AD Telelgraaf and built your content around these aspects.

In particular, the AD material is substantially free of populism, which the edition was regularly sinned earlier in topics related to Ukraine. Also in the context of Ukrainian agreements was often mentioned Russia, mostly as a factor of instability. The Kremlin remembered everything: air invasion, and missiles in Kaliningrad, and hacker attacks, and Syria, and the Crimea and the Donbass.

AD.nl “the Association Agreement gives Ukraine the right to join the EU either now or later. It is clearly stated in the application that was made at the request of Rutte. “It wasn’t easy, it was fun, but all the Dutch proposals were accepted.” All 28 EU countries that have signed the agreement, agreed that it was not a step towards EU membership for Ukraine and does not entitle you to use additional financial or military aid. The Ukrainians would not have additional employment rights in the EU, and Ukraine will have to make serious efforts to combat corruption. If Ukraine will fail to fulfill their obligations, Europe will be able to terminate the agreement fully or partially. Rutte has met with considerable resistance in the Council of Europe, particularly from Poland and other Eastern European countries, who did not want obstacles in the path of European perspective of Ukraine. Rutte does not rule out that Ukraine will join the EU, “but if it happens, not on the basis of this agreement.” He expressed relief at the fact that, as one diplomat, the Netherlands turned in Wallonia Europe. Dutch veto would be a great gift to Putin, and we can’t afford it. Russia annexed the Crimea and supports the war in the East of Ukraine, regularly invades the airspace of NATO and put missiles between Lithuania and Poland. “In response, Europe must speak with one voice, said Rutte. – I could not deny responsibility. Not now, not when Russia is working to destabilize.”

Что написали СМИ Нидерландов о приложении к Соглашению об ассоциации Украины с ЕС

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de Volkskrant also took seriously the provisions of the agreement.

“After months of lobbying, now everything is clear: black and white specified that the Association Agreement with Ukraine is not a prelude to EU membership, military assistance or additional cash infusions. Kiev also has no reason for the device to work Ukrainians in the EU.”

In addition, the publication, relying on its own sources, has quite optimistic expectations about the prospects for ratification in the Senate: “a good representative СDA confirms that the vast majority of the Senate group supports the agreement. It’s somewhere in the 8-9 man”.

Influential Het Financieele Dagblad focused on how the complexity of the ratification of the weakness and helplessness of the EU: “a Possible breakthrough on the Ukrainian question does not diminish the impression that Europe is paralyzed in the face of threats from the East, has a complicated relationship with Turkey and the decision of the British to stop the membership in the EU. In November, the shock was the election trump, the consequences of which are felt even in the EU. Despite the resolve shown during the summit, there is a noticeable sense of powerlessness, recognize the diplomat of high rank”.

Only Trouw approached the question with complete seriousness. The publication does not become limited to a citation of the provisions of the application, and analyzed in detail each and came to the conclusion that, probably, the Dutch Prime Minister wanted to see in the press is less likely:

“The leaders of the EU countries that have signed the agreement, supported the addition proposed by the Netherlands, but it is more makeup than text that has legal importance. This app has political power, but in court it can be used except that in order to interpret the law.

The application contains little sense. It says that the agreement makes Ukraine a candidate for membership in the EU. This shows how complicated were the conversations around this topic. The procedure, which defines how a European country can apply for EU membership, is determined by the agreements on the functioning of the EU (the Lisbon agreement). They also indicated that any EU member can block the start of negotiations on the accession of another country. That is, these provisions already exist and are legally binding in the context of the way in which the Netherlands could keep Ukraine outside the EU. In the same way, for example, Greece is blocking the accession of Macedonia.

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The app also includes the thesis of the lack of commitment from the EU for military assistance to Ukraine. Such a thesis is surprising, since the EU, unlike NATO, has no military forces that could provide such assistance. By coincidence, at the same time, EU leaders discussed the military policy of the EU, in particular the idea of joint development of weapons. Such projects Ukraine will potentially be able to join us, working closely with the future European Agency for the development of weapons in the framework of the Association Agreement.

The application also contains the thesis that the agreement provides for the fight against corruption and can be stopped, if this struggle is not conducted. In this part of the app simply repeats the existing paragraph of the Association Agreement, which States that each party may suspend the agreement if the other party does not fulfill its obligations.

One of the most famous opponents of the agreement, Thierry Bode noted that Rutte has created a “false application to the Association Agreement”.

Что написали СМИ Нидерландов о приложении к Соглашению об ассоциации Украины с ЕС

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Most attention was paid to De Telegraaf in its current issue was published as many as four articles on this topic.

General description of the situation, the comments of opponents of the agreement, the issue of voting in the Senate and a piece on the change of position of the Dutch Prime Minister throughout the history of the Association. But the most important point that is not repeated by other media, was this: “a Senate Vote will likely be held after March 15. If that happens, those senators CDA that support agreement will be able to vote for him, without prejudice to the result of the party in the elections to the Lower house of Parliament.”

This development gives every reason to hope for a positive finale in the history of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU.

Alexander Sigalov