Yanukovich want to make the case for the words about Crimea

На Януковича хотят завести дело за слова про Крым

Krymchanin offended by the words of ex-President of Ukraine.

The citizen of Russia Konstantin Knarik wrote a statement to the Imprint of the Russian Federation with the requirement to verify the statements of Viktor Yanukovych for violations of article 280-1 of the criminal code. On it informs RIA of Crimea.

“July 5, 2017 during public speaking, designated person, a citizen of Ukraine, former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has publicly spoken about his desire “to see Crimea returned to the Ukraine”. I believe that these public statements are subject to norms “of the criminal code Article 280.1. Public appeals to implementation of actions aimed at violating the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation”, – said in a statement.

Knyrik also asked to verify the statements for violations of the current legislation.

Recall, July 5, Yanukovych gave a press conference in which he stated that he refused to participate in court against him.

The court would give Yanukovych a free lawyer