Yanukovych boasted a wonderful memory

Янукович похвастался прекрасной памятью

The former President claims that he was told during the trial.

The fluent President of Ukraine reported that has a wonderful memory. He stated this at a press conference in Rostove-on-don after a six-hour videotapes in court on Monday, November 28.

About the main theses of Yanukovych in the interrogation here.

“Today I did my duty, all I was saying – I meant that… as for the memory – she’s beautiful. But what I don’t attach importance – I do not remember. During our relationship I had a few calls with Medvedchuk”, – said Yanukovych to the question of why he told the court he did not remember 54 telephone conversation with Medvedchuk in February 2014.

At the same time Yanukovych could not remember the name of the deceased of different directions, calling him Alex.

Press conference of Yanukovych, after an interrogation: online

Earlier in the Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine said that during interrogation, Yanukovych did not provide specific answers to questions put to him and gave false testimony.

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Press conference of Yanukovych, after an interrogation: online

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