Yanukovych explained before Ukrainian journalist

Янукович объяснился перед украинской журналисткой

The ex-President tried to apologize to the journalist of the Ukrainian channel, which publicly got nasty last Friday

Ukrainian journalist, which Viktor Yanukovych got nasty at the last press conference, I received a kind apology from the former President during a press conference on 28 November.

As you know, November 25, Yanukovych said that the journalist is not worth it to spend her time when she asked him: “what do You think about You write in books?”

“Please don’t be offended at me. Believe me, I always treated journalists with great respect, and have friends I have among your colleagues,” – said Yanukovych today.

“I even wanted to do something to protect you. And everything happened Vice versa,” he met the former President in front of the journalist of STB channel.

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To her question about whether he left Russia in the last three years, he replied in the negative. And added that those were the hardest years of his life and for him, and for half of the Ukrainian people.

“I’m outside of Russia did not go… In that situation, where I live, in isolation from the homeland. If you remember my life, what I’ve been doing all my life, this is probably the most difficult years of my life. Not only for me but for my family, friends, and most importantly – for the part of the Ukraine, which is my associates, and that half of Ukraine”, – said the fugitive ex-President.

Online press conference of Yanukovych 28.11.2016