Yanukovych has apologized for the deaths of people on Maidan

Янукович извинился за гибель людей на Майдане

Viktor Yanukovych during questioning

The former President recalled that the Constitution should be equal for all.

Former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych apologized to the families of the victims on the Maidan. He said this during interrogation by videoconference.

“I especially want to appeal to the families of the victims or those who represent them in the hall. I want to apologize to you that you understand and know that I did everything I could to ensure that this tragedy did not happen, – said Yanukovych. – I’m willing to look you in the eye and answer all questions. And I as no one is interested that we find the truth that you are interested in. And in order to find it, I made today the offer and would like us to contact you United.”

Yanukovych also said that next to representatives of deceased participants of the Maidan should stand, and the representatives of the victims police officers.

“It is necessary that the Constitution was equal for all”, – said the former President.

He also noted that the possessed full information on everyone who died in those days on the Maidan.

“We need to look for the answer to the question, who is behind the death of people. It lies on the surface,” – said Yanukovych.

Questioning Yanukovych: online

As reported Корреспондент.netViktor Yanukovych 54 times called Viktor Medvedchuk during the Maidan.This was stated by the prosecution during the online questioning of the former President.

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