Yanukovych knew about the referendum in the Crimea “green men”

Янукович знал о референдуме в Крыму до "зеленых человечков"

According to him, he personally was against such a referendum.

The decision to hold the referendum in the Crimea in 2014 on secession from Ukraine was influenced by the servicemen of the black sea Fleet of the Russian Federation. This was stated by the ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych during videotapes from the Rostov court on Monday, November 28.

Yanukovych said that the decision to dismiss in February 2014, the head of the Sevastopol city state administration Volodymyr Yatsuba from office has affected military black sea fleet of Russia. According to him, the Russian military also contributed to the proclamation of the “people’s mayor” of the city.

“It was decided to immediately begin the referendum on secession from Ukraine and joining Russia. Did you know that in Sevastopol there was a lot of the military of the Russian black sea fleet. And they also influenced this decision very much… it Was decided to dismiss the head of administration Yatsuba from the post. And choose the “people’s mayor”. I don’t remember his name,” – said Yanukovych.

According to him, he personally was against holding such a referendum in the Crimea. Also the former President explained the reasons why he left the territory of Ukraine

“I made that decision, and then I appealed to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and told him that I made the decision to leave the territory of Ukraine, because they believe that it is very dangerous not from the point of view of my life, and from the point of view of life of Ukrainians”, – said Yanukovych.

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He believes that if he remained in Ukraine, it would lead to civil war throughout Ukraine. “This war, as in the Donbass, would have started all over Ukraine, if I had stayed,” said the ex-President.

We will remind, in the morning of 27 February 2014, Russian special forces took the buildings of government bodies of AR Crimea, after which local deputies made the decision on carrying out on may 25 all-Crimean referendum on greater autonomy of the Peninsula. Yanukovych himself, in his words, left Ukraine on February 24, 2014.

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