Yanukovych pays for the house in Russia 100 thousand cash

Янукович платит за дом в РФ 100 тыс. руб. в месяц "наличкой"

The house in which, according to counsel, living in Russia in Rostov-on-don, the fugitive ex-President Viktor Yanukovych, has three floors and the rent is 100 thousand rubles, reports “Ukrainian truth”.

Relevant information is contained in the registry of Russian real estate, as well as in the agreement between Yanukovych and the landlord, copies of which have publishers.

According to the register, the area of the house which is rented by Yanukovych, is 490,1 sq. m. Cadastral value as at 18 August 2012 was 22 RUB. 040 345,91

The house has three floors, one underground.

According to the Russian legislation, in the case of a contract of lease in the registry indicates a note about the limitations. The registry is a note dated January 31, 2017 under the agreement.

As explained by the publisher’s lawyer Yanukovych Vitaliy Serdyuk, we are talking about the rental agreement, which Yanukovych had renegotiated with the owner of the house. The contract in 2017, signed on 2 Jan.

According to Serdyuk, Yanukovych signed the relevant agreements for the rental of the house still, as of 2014, However, publishers were handed copies of contracts only 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Protection Yanukovich asserts that two contracts for 2015 and 2016 was sent to the General Prosecutor’s office.

Three agreements signed by Viktor Yanukovych. The lessor is a citizen of the Russian Federation Sergey Goncharov, who along with his wife Irina and 32-year-old son Michael is spelled out in the house on the street Eremenko, 81В.

According to the agreement, at least from 2015, Yanukovych pays for the rent of 100 thousand rubles per month in cash.

That is, assuming that he’s renting this house since 2014, he had to pay for it not less than 3 million rubles, which is approximately $ 52 thousand.

It is also noted that the rent has not changed since 2015

To question publishers about the place of work and funding sources of ex-President Yanukovych’s defender Vitaliy Serdyuk said, “He is currently working on a solution to the crisis and the establishment in Ukraine of the world. And regarding the source of funding, in one interview my client was told that the financial costs borne by the son of Alexander”.

The landlord Sergey Goncharov is a Director Zemlestroy, OOO, which specializiruetsya construction of residential and non-residential buildings. This company in 2013 has won three tenders for 14 million rubles (of them paid 12, and then the agreement was terminated), 23.7 million and 24.5 million rubles. the Work was done in the famous ski resort “Krasnaya Polyana” in Sochi.

Until 2010, Goncharov was the Director of the Federal state unitary enterprise “Building management of Severo-the Caucasian military district, the defense Ministry of the Russian Federation”. The company has activities related to “military security”. In February 2010, this company was liquidated. In January 2010 it had a debt to 296 employees in the amount of 6.1 million RUB.

Earlier it was reported that journalists found the house of the fugitive President Viktor Yanukovych in Rostov-on-don.

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