Yanukovych said the lack of a criminal record and did not mention the address

Янукович заявил об отсутствии судимостей и не назвал адрес

The former President said at the interrogation that never was brought to trial and refused to provide a current address.

The ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych during his interrogation by videoconference in Rostov-on-don said that was never brought to trial.

To the question, “Viktor Fedorovych, you have previously brought to criminal responsibility?” Yanukovych replied: “No.” On the question of nationality answered “Ukrainian”.

Interrogation of Viktor Yanukovych: online

On the question of the place of registration and residence, he said: “Rostov oblast” and hesitated, looking at the lawyer. Then the lawyer Yanukovych said that the city of Rostov and that a more detailed address is provided to the court, and, for security reasons, the defense requests not to advertise the address.

The judge agreed with the argument of counsel and confirmed that the address provided by the court.

We will remind, it is well known that Viktor Yanukovych is in the biography of the two convictions for robbery (in 1967) and infliction of bodily injuries of medium severity (1970). In 1978 convictions of Yanukovych was removed. In 2006, the then interior Minister Yuriy Lutsenko said that the convictions of Yanukovych, was charged with fraud.

However, in 2010, then-interior Minister Anatoly Mogilev said that two convictions of Yanukovych can be interpreted as political repression of the Soviet era.

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