Yanukovych was invited to become a member of the “Family”. Interview with Vasily Volga

Янукович предлагал стать членом "Семьи". Интервью с Василием Волгой

Vasily Volga says that he remains a supporter of left-wing ideology

The leader of the party Union of left forces Vasyl Volga gave an interview to a magazine Reporter.

“All of Europe with its high social standards constructed by the left. Swedish socialism, the experience of Norway, Denmark or Germany, that is led by the social Democrats – that is what we should be interested in. These are countries in which GDP per capita is the highest!” – Vasyl Volga, the leader of the party Union of the left forces, former head of the state Commission on regulation markets of financial services, received under the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych is not illusory time, trying to explain to the Correspondent why the ideology of the left is not a lot of grandmothers and is not limited to the negative results obtained in the days of Stalin and the Gulag, writes Ian Taranczuk in No. 15 publication date April 22, 2016.

“Of course, in the final of the USSR the country was governed by the elders of the Kremlin, but left the idea not to blame,” continued the Volga. – We have demonized Marxism. Whereas in Germany the second book in the editions after the Bible – is the Capital of Karl Marx. The entire modern economy of Europe was built on his work, and we try to her to approach. We all wonder why we have such corruption, and in Europe it is not, why we have oligarchs stealing, feeding on the state-owned enterprises… it is Easy to assume, because we have demonized Marxism to Marxists, socialists, leftists do not interfere quietly continue to plunder”.

About the most noble

– You were a member of the socialist party? As Yuriy Lutsenko and Mykola Rudkovsky.

– I once worked with one partner and with others. It is difficult to say why they broke with the socialists. I think the thing is that they are inherently left-wing were never.

– Were you not with Lutsenko ideological debates, when sitting in Lukyanovka jail? History books remember that the Marxists it was the norm.

– We do six months sat in the neighboring cells. And talked – of correspondence, there was no other way, everything was strictly, specpol. We exchanged letters through the guards to fetch a pack of cigarettes. And Yury Vitalyevich I saw with – dejected, disappointed. He once said that never again to engage in politics will not. And then we met again when both were free. And it turned out, our views are diametrically opposed. For example, it seems to me that what happened in the East war is idiocy, and it must be stopped. The Russians and Ukrainians have already been times when we fought with each other. But common ground has always been in the shared history and faith.

Янукович предлагал стать членом "Семьи". Интервью с Василием Волгой

Photo Of Dmitry Nikonorova

– So, you have remained true to the socialist worldview.

– Left idea is the most noble of all that can implement policies. There is nothing more powerful than the realization of the idea of equality, justice, and social responsibility.

– Why in this case we have no effective left party? There were fragments of a CPU, SPU. Thought associate with them?

– We are trying to unite since 1999. It is clear that the left will be effective only if they are combined into one shipment. But the important thing is that key figures in the various parties banded together in the Union of the left forces in the Congress, which was held recently [in March].

A family member

– You collaborated initially with Alexander frost, then with Petro Symonenko, and on the 2010 presidential elections suddenly backed Viktor Yanukovych. It turns out, is also the ideology changed?

– Why? In the 2010 elections, Symonenko did not pass the second round, called for support of Yanukovych. Such were the realities of those days. And I never doubted who to support Yanukovych or Yushchenko. If at the moment Yushchenko won, we would have received before the war for four years.

Янукович предлагал стать членом "Семьи". Интервью с Василием Волгой

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“But what in this case happened between you and Yanukovich? After all, he is ordered to arrest you, put in jail?

– Yanukovych probably go down in Ukrainian history as the most controversial President. On the one hand, no government before him did not build such a number of bridges and interchanges. The economy grew, the country economically developed. But in terms of law – no.

I, as head of the national Commission of regulation of market of financial services so gently suggested to “drag” the right people for the positions. I guess I really overreacted. I just understood what all this will lead – it wasn’t just “your”, these people were connected with money laundering. I’ll say even more, I learned that the meaning of all these personnel rotation was the fact that several billion dollars had to be withdrawn in an unknown direction.

Offered to let in the circle of “their”, to make a member of the family. I calmly replied no, after which, by the way, Yanukovych stopped taking me during the monthly reporting

In General, I began to respond, and I tried to comfort her. Offered to let in the circle of “their”, to make a member of the Family. I calmly replied no, after which, by the way, Yanukovych stopped taking me during monthly reports. And I decided that the case will be limited. But not limited to, as it turned out.

I was stopped in the Botanical Garden, directly on the road – was taken to a non-existent prison of the SBU, where the investigator explained – I was accused of receiving a bribe. This has already been shown the story in the news on TV – a sofa, littered with dollar bills and my photo in the corner. And this video was accompanied by comments from journalists who told me that I was detained when receiving a bribe of half a million dollars. The investigator laughed, saying that already the whole country knows why I was detained, but my own. As in Anatole France: “You are guilty already because this was written in the morning Newspapers.”

Янукович предлагал стать членом "Семьи". Интервью с Василием Волгой

Photo Of Dmitry Nikonorova

– And you after that Yanukovych was disappointed, I realized I hadn’t made a bid?

– I was never charmed by him. Although, of course, did not expect that Yanukovych, as President, will maintain such a policy, such methods. Now, if he returns to Ukraine, it will never support, in any region of the country, even in the East.

– And you in the East will undoubtedly support? Are not you afraid that the East and limited to electoral sympathies?

– In the Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Transcarpathian regions in the Union of left forces to join the socialists, the social Democrats and the Communists. The process of unification in full swing.

– Are there irreconcilable differences and on what items?

– We call for peace in the Donbass. And this is a fundamental issue. In the Western regions, that because of this there was a certain outflow.

– What do you think about the current war in the Donbas?

– Two close people kill each other. Moreover, Ukrainians are killing Ukrainians. It is a fact. The current war as a gaping wound that must be healed immediate. A key requirement of the program of the Left alternative is to stop the war in the Donbass and the full implementation of the Minsk agreements. Otherwise Ukraine will lose the Donbass.

Take away and divide?

– You often criticize the work of foreigners in the state apparatus. Why?

– The leadership of the country is a responsible thing to experiment there is no right not to. I’ve always said, and here are the results, look. Khatia Dekanoidze, for example, says he is satisfied with the work of the police in five months. But let me, during this time, the number of crimes has increased three times! What then were the goals of the police? We are a strong and intelligent nation, on our land were born [Gregory] Pan, [Nikolai] Berdyaev, [Sergei] Korolev. The Ukrainians created the world’s first computing machine, the Ukrainians ruled the most powerful Empire in the world — the Soviet Union! Now we show that? We are inadequate, incapable to govern their country themselves?

Янукович предлагал стать членом "Семьи". Интервью с Василием Волгой

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– And you are prepared for the elections? Because your Congress was held in late March this year, when the Parliament, the government and all the country there is a split and a crisis.

– I think, all political forces are preparing for the elections. After all, the goal of the party is to take power in the elections, we are no exception.

– You have mentioned the election program of “nationalization”. It’s like the Bolsheviks were, all take away and divide?

– We have a really serious program. And again, it is the fruit of many years of scientific work done by the team of scientists headed by academician of NAS of Ukraine Yuri Pakhomov. It is not about how to select one property. It’s about the fact that the owner needs to be socially responsible. Roughly speaking, to possess the plant – build the infrastructure, kindergartens, hospitals, gyms system.

But now privatization tenders, which are large enterprises, that provide.

– Yes, the owners promise, but do not always do. This is the essence! Because of this, the country gradually came to a complete degradation and decline. Model wild oligarchy we have implemented 25 years. Telling stories that state intervention in natural economic development hindered the country. As a result, the state almost free lost almost all of its assets. Now there is almost nothing to sell, and money not in the budget. The responsibility of business lies in the fact that if the owner has ceased to perform social functions, to serve the people – it is possible to impose a variety of sanctions, up to the nationalization.

Янукович предлагал стать членом "Семьи". Интервью с Василием Волгой

Photo Of Dmitry Nikonorova

– It is, after all, take away and divide?

– No, in any case! But the state needs control over the financial sector and strategic enterprises. It passed through many European countries. The labour party in 1946-1949 there was carried out the nationalization of the banking sector when the interest on consumer loans were soaring, and people are increasingly mired in debt to banks. The British became dependent on the banking oligarchy, and the left 47 nationalized banks, and people have had their debts cancelled. Consumer loans were issued at 3% per annum, and for entrepreneurs, the interest rate generally reduced to 1% to stimulate their active development. Such a financial system is by far the most sustainable in the world. And we have what’s the interest rate on loans? 30%? And then all 40% off!

You see, there is something to change. In General, we have wrongly chosen priorities in the economy and in politics. Ukraine from the checkpoint between East and West should become a bridge between them. This is advantageous in a political and economic sense. Well, for example, does someone now how the economy is lost because of the Association agreement with the EU? Exports are in fact very significantly dropped!

It is necessary to correct the situation. This issue will be devoted in particular my upcoming meeting with [Prime Minister] David Cameron who just the idea of Ukraine as a bridge between the West and the East promoting for five years. If we adopt a policy of multi-vector, in which Ukraine trades with everyone she can, then recover a steady inflow of Finance, then increase the social standards. And this is pure pragmatism without any ideological overtones.


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