Yanukovych was summoned to the court for the last word

Януковича вызывают в суд для последнего слова

The trial of treason of Yanukovych comes to an end

Lawyers of the former President for several weeks, are in the Obolon court with a speech on charges of treason.

Obolonskiy district court of Kiev causes on October 23, the former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych to speak with the last word in the case of treason. This was at the hearing on Friday, October 12, the judge said Vladislav Devyatko, RBC-Ukraine online reports.

“Backup date for a presentation by attorney Alexander Badica and for the last words of Viktor Yanukovych. 09:00 19 October, 09:00 22 October, 09:00 on 23 October, 09:00 24 Oct, 09:00 25 October 09:00 on 26 October. I also turn to Svyatoshinskogo district court with a request to transfer your meeting, sir Alexander Gorodinsky to enable you to work efficiently in this case. Also determined the following dates: 09:00 29 Oct, 09:00 on October 30 and 09:00 on October 31. On October 22 we will perform Baidyk, and October 23 we will be able to hear Viktor Yanukovych. Now let’s take a break,” said Devyatko.

In addition, today’s meeting, attorney Alexander Gorodinsky explained the reason for the long speech protection. The lawyer insists that the information he provided to the court, “is extremely important and is exceptional”.

“I’m doing this as much as I do, quoting witnesses, because the witnesses confirm the facts recorded in many videos. I want to sound in court,” the lawyer said.

The presiding judge Devyatko noted that the lawyer spent a lot of time issues not related to this criminal proceeding. At the same time, the judge indicated that the performance of Horoshevskogo in other moments it was very informative, and if you want the entire text of the prepared speech defender Yanukovych may provide the court in writing.

Previously, the court appointed Yanukovych speech last speech on October 12. The ex-President can do it via videoconference, but without the involvement of the competent authorities of the Russian Federation under the procedure of international legal assistance, as he insisted his lawyers.

As you know, the Prosecutor asks Yanukovych to 15 years in prison on charges of treason.


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