Yanukovych will appoint a new headvoice

Януковичу назначат нового госадвоката

Maxim Gerasim

The court discharged the second appointed public defender for Yanukovych.

The court discharged the public defender’s fugitive President Viktor Yanukovych Maxim, Gerasko. The decision adopted by the Obolon district court on Wednesday, October 25.

According to the court, the new headvoice Yanukovych should be appointed immediately and on October 26 it needs to come before the court.

Gerasko, dismissed in connection with “the actual failure to perform his duties for the protection of the accused Viktor Yanukovych”. Thus, in the court’s decision States that Gerasko showed unprofessional and showed a lack of suitable skills.

Earlier it was reported that Gerasko was unable to meet with his client in Rostov-on-don.

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