“Yanukovych’s debt”: the court of London refused the claim of the Russian Federation

"Долг Януковича": суд Лондона отказал по иску РФ

The exclusive right of Ukraine to appeal for a debt of Yanukovych acknowledged the Court of England.

London’s high court has suspended consideration of the claim of Russia against Ukraine under the simplified procedure in case of debt in three billion dollars, according to the website of the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance.

The court rejected Russia’s immediate recovery from the Ukraine 325 million dollars in interest on Eurobonds for three billion dollars of “debt of Yanukovych”.

“The court took the position of Ukraine and adopted the further suspension of the execution of the judgment pending its review of the appeal of Ukraine”, – stated in the message.

As explained in the Ministry of Finance, the request will be considered in the court of Appeal of England.

In addition, the presiding judge noted that this decision was made due to the fact that the appeal has a real prospect of success.

On 23 June, the Finance Ministry reported that Ukraine has filed documents to appeal to the English court. It will review in January 2018.

On March 29, the Russian Ministry of Finance stated that the High court in London has ordered Ukraine to pay Russia, “Yanukovych’s debt is” three billion, plus interest.

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