Yaremchuk: the Summer could go in the top League, but decided to stay in Ghent

Яремчук: Летом мог перейти в топ-чемпионат, но решил остаться в Генте

Roman Yaremchuk

Roman Yaremchuk told about the possibility to change the championship last summer.

Ghent striker and national team of Ukraine Roman Yaremchuk shared their perspectives and talked about his favorite championship.

“In Belgium I more take the game over, trying to sharpen. Can play left, right and centre forwards. In the national team is such a position where it is sometimes necessary to cover the ball body, to cling to.

Would like to play in Italy. I loved Napoli when there was Surrey. They have there striker could score 30-35 goals a season. Like that atmosphere. When I was young, I grew up on these emotions there is a code played Shevchenko.

In the summer I might go to one of the top 5 leagues, but decided for myself that I want to stay in Ghent. Before winter or before summer. Let’s see how events will develop. It all depends on me and my progress. The Belgian championship is one level, and in the championship of the top five is different. You need to be ready mentally and psychologically,” said Yaremchuk in Profootball TV show.

Earlier Yaremchuk commented on the match of Ukraine national team against Slovakia, which the “yellow-blue” won with the score 1:0.

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