Yarmolenko: Alas, I’m not Maradona

Ярмоленко: Увы, я — не Марадона

Andriy Yarmolenko

Midfielder Dynamo Kiev, the Ukrainian Andriy Yarmolenko has shared his impressions of a draw his team in the match of the fifth

After yesterday’s draw, Dinamo lost all chances to continue in the spring of their performances in European competition in Kiev in any case remain in last place in group B.

27-year-old midfielder believes that Dinamo played a good match, and also said that he gave everything for their team’s victory, but, alas, it was not enough.

“I think we looked very decent on the background of such opponents. We should not be ashamed of their game. I think our fans were happy. We played aggressive, were trying to press. Of course, not always successful, but I think that we played well. In the attack, of course, not all left, though they were preconditions for good action to come. But somewhere lacked the last pass, where someone of us has taken a wrong decision. But again, overall, I thought we played decent today,” cried the Ukrainian.

“I gave everything. Tried all the guys to score the ball, to get three points for Dynamo. But, alas, I am not Maradona. But if we today were Maradona, I am sure, we would have clearly won.

I think you saw how well Napoli controls the ball. Had to work hard in defence. But the coaching staff is required to escape the attack: when Napoli attack, they offer a lot of space. So he had defence, and to have time to create something ahead. So, I think not only I, but all the other guys closer to the end of the match sat down, as did a tremendous amount of work.

I hope the last match against Besiktas, our fans will come. We always play for them. I want to ask the Dinamo fans to come to the stadium and supported us. Perhaps, in the Champions League we were not as all would like. I do not want to analyze the reasons for this, but I think we could and should have been performing much better. Sure, in the last match of the group stage will give our all and try to please our fans with a victory in the Champions League.

Surkis’s Words? It is the opinion of the President. Nobody did on this occasion did not. If the head coach or the President of the club think that there should be any changes, it should be taken for granted.

I definitely have enough motivation – I all life dreamed of playing for Dynamo Kiev! As I may not be the motivation to play for your favorite team? Moreover, I’m sure all the other guys who grew up with a love for Dinamo, also have the motivation, just after two successful seasons and the departure of several players, there is a rejuvenation of the team, you need to do that,” said Yarmolenko.


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