Yarmolenko: Cooperation with partners is gradually improving

Ярмоленко: Взаимодействие с партнерами постепенно улучшается

Andriy Yarmolenko

Andriy Yarmolenko has told about adaptation in Borussia Dortmund.

Ukrainian midfielder Borussia Dortmund Andriy Yarmolenko has told about how mastered in the new team and exploring the best quality partners.

“I have become more experience and improved interaction with partners. Slowly begin to figure out who has what strengths. How, where and who to pass.

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Take, for example, Pierre-Emerick of Forward. Let him only in the area and no defender in my opinion, it will not catch, so he speed. Another player not so fast, it is better to give to feet. This is the most important — with each match, I more and more understand partner, and it becomes easier to play.

I have become much less strokes than Dynamo? Always try to act according to the situation. If a teammate is in a better position to give transfer. Sense to carry the ball…

Yes, soon we have a match with real Madrid, but about this game yet nobody even stuttered. All, including myself, preparing for the match against Borussia mönchengladbach. Saw their last match — they look good. So we will play on Saturday in the Bundesliga, and then we will think about the Real world,” said Yarmolenko in an interview zbirna.com.

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