Yarmolenko: hazard is one of the best in the EPL

Ярмоленко: Азар - один из лучших в АПЛ

Andriy Yarmolenko has urged the team to forget about the victory over Everton.

Winger West ham winger Andriy Yarmolenko has commented upon the forthcoming match of the team against Chelsea.

“Of course, I’m very happy goal scoring because it was an important moment in my life to celebrate goals in England and get three points.

Was very pleased to win last week, everyone was smiling, it was not there before.Now we have to forget that meeting, it is always nice to remember something good. We need to think about the next match.

We need to continue to improve their play and to listen to the coach, because we played as a team against Everton, it was successful. I think we are moving in the right direction. Needs to work even harder to lift West ham up the table.

Of course, Chelsea are a good team with some great performers, but we are not afraid. We will play at home arena, so we should show our game to show the fans that we want to try them.

Eden hazard – one of the best players in the EPL, will be hard to stop him, but we will try.

Winning 5 of 5 matches is a good start for Chelsea, they have a new coach and style of play. Surry is a very good specialist, his attacking philosophy is built on short passes.

Very difficult to play against teams with such tactics. But if we show our game and each will take the field with the belief that we can beat them, then we will be able to do it.

The beginning of the season was not the best. Even I would say that is bad enough, because we did not score any points. But we all worked really hard to change the situation, we were one in the match against Everton. We really wanted to win that game.

From the first day here I feel part of a big family. Everyone in the club are friendly to each other, joke with you. Feel at home here”, – quotes Yarmolenko official website of the club.

Recall Yarmolenko made his debut in the Premier League with a brace in the match against Everton.

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