Yarmolenko: I am Sure that Dinamo have a future without me

Ярмоленко: Уверен, что у Динамо есть будущее и без меня

Andriy Yarmolenko

Andriy Yarmolenko thanked Dynamo Kiev held for years at the club.

Ukrainian newcomer Borussia Dortmund Andriy Yarmolenko said goodbye to the fans of Dynamo and thanked the club for the years of his football career.

“I was overwhelmed with contradictory feelings: joy, because I’m such a transition has been dreaming of for a long time, and finally it came true, and a little disappointment from the fact that you have to say goodbye to their relatives. For the time that I spent in Dynamo, you can call them that way.

I want to Express my gratitude, first and foremost, the President of club Igor Surkis, as well as Grigory Surkis, because they kept his word and fulfilled everything as promised and as we had agreed. Igor said, “your time will Come, and will play in the top European club”. All turned out well. Once again convinced for myself that older people need to hear (smiling).

Of course, I want to thank each of the coaches under whom I have played over the years which he spent in Dinamo. Each of them I learned something, each of them were victories and defeats, but in any case, I would like to say thank you. I will never forget our work together and what they did for me.

Also infinitely grateful to all the guys, with whom I had a chance to play in the team – they are all, without exception, have become my second family, because with them I spent probably more time than with your real family. A huge thanks to them! It was an honor to wear the captain’s armband and bring them to the matches as captain.

I can not say about our fans that I will miss. I played for them and appreciate their support, both in good and in bad times. Going to miss them and remember fondly.

Dinamo will forever remain in my heart. I will try not to miss any games and, of course, survive. I am sure that the team has a future without me. Dinamo always had and has good young players and the current coaching staff I can easily replace,” said Yarmolenko.

Earlier iSport.ua reported that Andriy Yarmolenko has signed a four year contract with Borussia Dortmund. Note that this transfer became the most expensive in the history of Dynamo Kiev, breaking the record of Shevchenko.

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