Yarmolenko: I missed Ukraine and Ukrainian fans

Ярмоленко: Я скучал за Украиной и украинскими болельщиками

Andriy Yarmolenko thanked the fans for their support in the match against Lithuania.

On Saturday, September 7, the Ukrainian team won the away victory over Lithuania in the framework of selection for Euro 2020. On the streets of Vilnius and at the stadium were a lot of Ukrainian fans who provide tremendous support to the players.

Andriy Yarmolenko, who returned after a long recovery, admitted that they miss their fans and thanked them for this support.

“It is difficult to overcome defensive redoubts when the whole team defends. In addition, the complexity added field. Good thing we scored a quick goal and became more relaxed. In my opinion the Ukrainian team controlled the game with Perovi to the last minute.

Could support? Of course. A huge thank you to our fans for coming and supporting us in another country. The credit for the victory is very big, so I also congratulate – as the entire country.

Before the match, when we went to the stadium and saw how many of our fans were on the streets. Even more surprised when I got to the warmup and saw how many of them in the stands. Again a huge thanks to them. I am confident that with Nigeria in the river, we will also be playing in full force, because we will come to support the fans. All of them. Actually, I was bored for Ukraine, for Ukrainian fans”, – quotes Yarmolenko official website of the UAF.

After defeating the Lithuania national team head coach Andrey Shevchenko pointed out the mistakes players made in the match.

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