Yarosh announced the withdrawal of the battalions of Donbass

Ярош объявил об отводе батальонов из Донбасса

UDA will be engaged in the preparation of the territorial defence units

The battalions of the Ukrainian volunteer army are displayed from the front, to begin training troops teroborony.

The people’s Deputy Dmitry Yarosh, who is the commander of the Ukrainian volunteer army, announced the withdrawal of two battalions of the UDA from the front in the Donbass, to begin training of the units of territorial defense in all regions of Ukraine. He announced during a speech in the river, said the publication Dneprograd.

“This day (14 October – ed.) I declare that the 5th and 8th battalions UDA come from the front, but we never leave the war. While the war continues, we will participate in it. Today the most important task for the UDA is to build territorial defence units that had clear functionality”, – said Yarosh.

According to him, the task groups will be to prepare a resistance movement in each area. In addition, the territorial units should unite combatants, who are now all methods share the interested people.

“We see how after the “demobilization” beginning “deribanit” combatants. We have a huge number of People organizations, which leads to the dissipation potential, which can be really important for Ukraine at present. The mission of UDA is to gather everyone who fought, in a single striking force,” added Yarosh.

Yarosh also noted that he does not believe in diplomatic resolution of the conflict in the Donbass, and only sees power the way of the liberation of the occupied territories.

We will note, earlier Yarosh, and the commander of the United forces Sergey Nev discussed the issue of participation of fighters of UDA in the Armed forces of Ukraine at the conclusion of the contract.

Recall, November 11, 2015 Yarosh has removed from itself powers of the head of the Right sector, refused to be a “figurehead”.

28 Dec Yarosh announced the exit of his team from the Right sector and the intention to create a new political movement.


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