Yarosh asked to be sympathetic to the shooting of a security guard in a taxi

Ярош попросил с пониманием отнестись к стрельбе охранника в такси

Dmitry Yarosh

The MP stressed that participation in the war does not give “indulgences”.

MP Dmitry Yarosh admitted that his sister Michael has used a weapon in a taxi in the city of monay Dnipropetrovsk oblast on may 14. “Michael is not just my guard, and fighting sister who has passed the Maidan and today is actively involved in the battles of the Russo-Ukrainian war. During the clashes behaved heroically, and was an example to friends,” – wrote Yarosh on his page in Facebook on Wednesday, may 17.

In his words, “specific instructions for how to behave, marking his birthday, he (Michael) had and broke them, and will incur the deserved punishment”.

The MP stressed that participation in the war does not give “indulgences”. “Put pressure on the pretrial investigation and the court, screaming about “treason” and “political persecution of the volunteers” will not. From law enforcement demanding and require a human relationship to all citizens. Legal and medical assistance Michael provided comprehensively,” – said Yarosh.

He also asked citizens to be understanding to this situation: “In war, identification “friend or foe”, the concept of “fair – fair”, “true – false” greatly aggravated. The boys kept for years, and then in one moment are broken and the consequences are bad. We are not looking for pity, just asking for understanding.”

We will remind, 14 may guard Yarosh shot the taxi driver because of the reluctance of the driver to meet passengers at the greeting “Glory to Ukraine”.