Yarosh told who shot the taxi driver

У Яроша рассказали, кто стрелял в таксиста

The shootout occurred in Kamenskoye

The assistant Deputy confirmed that shooting guard Yarosh.

In the taxi driver shooting guard Dmitry Yarosh, Mikhail navrotskiy. Comments about this Columnist was told by the assistant to the people’s Deputy Dmitry Yarosh, a surgeon of the ambulance Kamensky Rostislav Vinar.

According to him, the information that a member of the party of Derzhavniki Initsiativa Yarosh (DA) Roman Malesevic shot a foot to the taxi driver in Kamenskoye for failure to respond to the greeting “Glory to Ukraine!” not true.

“Roman Malesevic here at all at what. As far as I know its in that car was not. The main defendant in this case is Michael Nawrocki. Malesevic left the apartment and just got under the hand of an angry mob. We’ll probably file a counterclaim because it did not have”, – said the assistant.

According to Vinara, Nawrocki is indeed a Keeper Yarosh, and injured the taxi driver provide the maximum assistance.

“He’s a soldier of “Ukrainian volunteer army” belongs to the protection of Dmitry Yarosh. Before that they were at a birthday party. Nawrocki – an honored man, heroically fought, but for what he did – will respond according to the current legislation”, – said the assistant Yarosh.

We will remind, the conflict was injured two people.

The alien was given seven years for the attack on Kharkiv taxi driver