Yarosh volunteer army can become a part of APU

Добровольческая армия Яроша может стать частью ВСУ

New Sergey and Dmitry Yarosh at a meeting in Kramatorsk

Combined forces command podcherknula willingness to dialogue within the framework of existing legislation.

The commander of the United forces Sergey New and commander of the Ukrainian volunteer army (UDA), Dmitry Yarosh vstretilis in Kramatorsk and discussed the issue of participation of fighters of UDA in the Armed forces of Ukraine at the conclusion of the contract. Information about this posted on the page OOS in Facebook.

“During the meeting they discussed issues of participation of motivated fighters UDA in the composition of all species and genera of the Armed forces of Ukraine (including in the composition a full-fledged Department), under the terms of the contract (including short-term). It was suggested that military service in reserve in the combat military units of special purpose intelligence and units of the territorial defence”, − is spoken in the message.

The parties also discussed the possible participation of soldiers UDA in the preparation of forces for the protection of the state border, territorial defence units and other initiatives Yarosh.

It is noted that New has clarified its position regarding the categories of people who, in his opinion, have no right to be at the forefront and directly in combat formations of the APU. These include: persons who have previously visited the soldiers at the forefront for the sake of their own PR or the private Mercantile interests; persons who have no legal right to have weapons; persons not officially included in the joint forces.

At the same time the commander of the joint forces said that the Ukrainian legislation does not address the question of the participation of the UDA soldiers in the fighting on the front edge and directly in the combat formations of the APU.

Earlier, defense Minister Stepan Poltorak reported that about 40 thousand representatives of voluntary movement to protect the territorial integrity of Ukraine in the Donbas.

Recall that in 2017, the Verkhovna Rada adopted a resolution on the establishment of a new holiday – volunteer Day, celebrated on March 14.

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