Yarosh’s business card was true

Визитка Яроша оказалась правдой

Ex-leader of the right sector told about the battle near Slavyansk

Ex-leader of the Right sector told details of the battle near Slavyansk, which occurred exactly two years ago.

In the battle near Slavyansk exactly two years ago they actually featured a “card jarosz”, which was one of the dead fighters, who took it with him as a souvenir. In an interview with the Censor.no said the former leader of the Right sector.

According to Yarosh, they attacked a post of separatists, as he feared threat to the Dnepropetrovsk area and wanted to avenge the killing of two representatives of the Right sector, went to Slavyansk without weapons for exploration.

Yarosh got in touch with acting President Oleksandr Turchynov, and he gave him his assignment: bring down the transformer out of the radio tower under Karachun, to stop the broadcast of propaganda.

Sloviansk his squad arrived late at night and came across a checkpoint, which on the map was located on. Immediately the fight began. Formally Yarosh commanded the detachment, but as the leader of the SS was the combat experience, actually ran a soldier who fought in Afghanistan.

According to Yarosh, they managed to clear the checkpoint, killing six of the separatists, but losing on the location of the unit killed (which and found in result “card jarosz”), and one of the SS soldiers was seriously wounded by a grenade in the head. The fight had to be stopped because of the reinforcements and destroyed two cars of the four PS.

At the same time many of the media released a legendary story about the “card jarosz”, allegedly found in a car attacked a checkpoint of the IAF.

After the battle Yarosh and his squad barely managed to get to the Kharkiv region, and wounded soldier received medical treatment at a hospital.

He added that some generals did not like their actions under Slavonic. Yarosh and associates accused for the war with Russia and the failure of the peace process.

As reported Корреспондент.net today, April 12, 2014, armed men in camouflage seized city Department of militia of Slavyansk, Donetsk region. On 13 April, the Right sector arrives in Slavyansk.

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