Yaroslavsky: I’m Happy that Shakhtar played in Kharkiv

Ярославский: Доволен, что Шахтер играет в Харькове

Alexander Yaroslavsky

The former Metalist owner shared his opinion about Shakhtar Donetsk move to Kharkov.

“I am very pleased that Shakhtar played in Kharkov. Kharkiv watch football, and the infrastructure of the club is not idle. We spent on the lawn 3 million euros, is a real technological invention. I want to make sure the stadium was host to football matches.

I Rinat Akhmetov always said that Metalist similar to miner. I’d like to ask him a question: “And who is now like a miner?”. There in key roles, Marlos, taison, Azevedo, Driver. They are all good players and joined the team of Metalist”, – said Aleksandr Yaroslavskyy in an interview with the Great football.

We will remind, earlier iSport.ua reported that Shakhtar Donetsk visited the children’s hospital in Kharkov.

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