Yatsenyuk about his arrest in Russia: Putin takes revenge for sanctions

Яценюк о своем аресте в РФ: Путин мстит за санкции

The former Prime Minister-the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk

Yatsenyuk said that his arrest in absentia in Russia – direct orders from Putin.

Former Prime Prime Minister, leader of people’s front Arseniy Yatseniuk believes that an indication of his arrest in absentia of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation and Russian courts gave the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, the press service of political power.

According to Yatsenyuk, Putin takes revenge for the imposed against Russia sanctions.

“Putin is taking revenge for sanctions against Russia, for Ukraine to become energy independent, we filed lawsuits with the European court of human rights and the United Nations against Russia for its military invasion of Ukraine and support of terrorism in Ukraine. And for the fact that Ukraine chose the course in Europe, to the free world,” – said the former Prime Minister.

Yatsenyuk emphasized that “the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation and Russian courts have performed direct orders from Putin”.

According to the former Prime Minister, another goal of the correspondence arrest – not to give him the opportunity “to bring the Ukrainian position in all world capitals and to consolidate the entire free world and our friends against Russian aggression, with the purpose to restore the territorial integrity of Ukraine.”

Kyiv has reacted to the arrest in absentia Yatsenyuk

As reported, the court of justice of the Russian city of Yessentuki in absentia was taken into custody Yatsenyuk. The arrest was connected with the charges under three articles of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation, including participation in an armed group. Earlier, the head of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin said that the former Prime Minister allegedly fought in Chechnya against Russia.