Yatsenyuk awarded in 2015, a machine gun “Maxim”

Яценюка наградили в 2015 году пулеметом "Максим"

Yatsenyuk received a machine gun “Maxim”

The interior Minister gave Yatsenyuk a machine gun “Maxim” 7.62 mm.

Ex-Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk last year was awarded a machine gun “Maxim”. About this in Facebook wrote journalist Denis Bigus, by publishing a copy of the order of the Ministry of interior dated 20 may, signed by Arsen Avakov.

“Okay, Yatsenyuk gave an award Thompson submachine gun. It is known. But if to believe this document (and no reason not to believe I have not found), then it also has a premium gun. Maxim. With a permit to carry issued by Avakov”, – the journalist wrote.

The document stated that Yatsenyuk, who at that time was the head of the Cabinet, received a machine gun 56-P-421 7.62 mm (known as the Maxim gun). Also spelled out that he needs to issue a permit for the possession and carrying of weapons.


Яценюка наградили в 2015 году пулеметом "Максим"

Earlier, media reported that Yatsenyuk received from the Ministry of defense submachine gun “Thompson” sample, 1982.