Yatsenyuk served in a lawsuit for an article about villas in Miami

Яценюк подаст иск в суд на статью о виллах в Майами

Yatsenyuk is suing the news of the villas

The former Prime Minister has called an article about the 24 villas a lie.

Yatsenyuk intends to file a lawsuit on the author of the publication about the alleged acquisition Yatsenyuk 24 villas in Miami. About this he wrote on his page in Facebook.

“Suing in the court at the provocateur who published “the duck” about the alleged I purchase in Miami 24 villas for millions of dollars. It’s time to answer for the truth. So, to a man named Oleg Torgau as the author lies about 24 villas in Miami will have to go to court. To answer questions under oath. And punished according to the law”, – wrote Yatsenyuk.

According to him, there is every reason to say that “fake of 24 villas is part of a special operation against the country.”

The former Prime Minister also gave a list of examples of “information sabotage” against him. In particular, he believes “complete nonsense” of his alleged participation in the hostilities in Chechnya. “Murder at the cottage, a rifle and shells – lie, departure to Argentina, USA and other countries is a lie, the statement of Saakashvili about Yatsenyuk and the government is a lie” etc., says the ex-Premier.

“This is not the whole list of dirty information operations against me personally and against our political team,” said the politician.

The lawyer revealed the secret of “Chechen militants” Yatsenyuk