Yegor Sobolev: On the post of Prosecutor General Lutsenko will simulate the fight against corruption

Егор Соболев: На должности генпрокурора Луценко будет имитировать борьбу с коррупцией

The newly appointed Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuri Lutsenko in his new position will simulate the fight against corruption, however, will be forced to arrest several people from the entourage of former President Viktor Yanukovych. This broadcast of “Prime Evening” on TV channel “112 Ukraine”, said MP from the faction “Samopomich” Yegor Sobolev.

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He compared the Yuriy Lutsenko, Volodymyr Hroisman, calling their new simulators old schemes.

“I really think that Yury Lutsenko and Volodymyr Groysman, this new simulators old schemes. But there’s a particular opportunity for companies. They appeared because the society is outraged, outraged by a government that continues to work for the oligarchs, and the work of the Prosecutor General, which was to cover all these schemes. And now we have a new Prime Minister and new attorney General, they are supplied by the same oligarchs. Today people Kolomoisky has played a key role in getting the necessary votes in Parliament. They delivered the same oligarchs, but they will have to simulate the fight against corruption. … I hope that for this simulation Lutsenko will be forced to arrest a few people from Yanukovych’s entourage, and God forbid, from the environment of the current leaders of the state. Without touching the main contacts, the main link, but someone he should be brought to justice, and it will be a success for companies. It is clear that we should not be satisfied with it, an imitation in any case be simulated, but it will be useful for people,” – said Yegor Sobolev.

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We will remind, on may 12, the Verkhovna Rada appointed Yuriy Lutsenko, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. For the corresponding draft of the resolution No. 4654 voted 264 deputies.

Lutsenko said he did not want to remain in office of attorney General longer than 1.5 years.

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