Yurchenko: head coach Bayer said that I’m progressing

Юрченко: Главный тренер Байера сказал, что я прогрессирую

Vladlen Yurchenko

Ukrainian midfielder Bayer commented on the contract extension with the German club

“The top management of Bayer was the option of extending the contract, and they decided to prolong it. The conversation was with my agent, they had two weeks, and here I extended. The main thing for me is to get match practice and help the team. Our objective is to get into the Champions League, and then we will see with the new season.

Coach said that I’m progressing, it gives me to play on. It all started with Stuttgart, and in recent years have come from the first minute. Then everything will depend on me how I’ll train,” said Vladlen Yurchenko to TV channel Football 1.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that Yurchenko extended his contract with Bayer.

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