Yushchenko spoke about “the rod”, who lives in the Ukrainian society

Ющенко рассказал о "шатуне", который живет в украинском обществе

Third President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko said that Ukrainian society is living the “rod” which can weaken it. He said this in the Baltic-black sea forum.

“Putin understands that in the Ukrainian society lives the connecting rod. On very many issues. This rod weakens us, from the Church, language, heroes, our culture. So do not lose spirit,” said Yushchenko.

Recall that the term “rod” was first performed at the press conference of SBU concerning the plans of the Russian Federation to destabilize the situation in Ukraine. In the SBU stated that they have documents showing a plan to destabilize the situation in Ukraine in November, which is called “Rod”. According to the Agency, this information is confirmed, including correspondence, removed from the mailbox of the Russian President’s adviser, Vladislav Surkov. The operation included the holding of mass protests in Ukraine to discredit the state authorities. However, according to law enforcement, a plan to destabilize “miserably” failed.

After that, the word “Rod” has acquired in the political language of Ukraine’s enormous popularity. So, the leader of the “Fatherland” called “the main connecting rod of Ukraine” of the President, and the former head of the Odessa regional state administration Mikheil Saakashvili on the air “112 Ukraine” November 25 reported that the plan “Rod” is a fiction to cover the real plan, Cragun” and “Chatterbox”.